What is Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)?

Clear bra is a clear urethane film, primarily pre-cut using computer software, which can be applied to most surfaces and leading edges of your car, truck, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle. It serves to protect surfaces from unsightly chips and abrasions from rocks and other road debris, which allows your vehicle or boat’s flawless paint finish to shine through while providing a virtually invisible barrier.


What type of Paint Protection Film does ClearBraNJ use?

ClearBraNJ is a dealer for three of the industry's leading film manufacturers: 3M Paint Protection Film, Scotchguard Paint Protection Film, and Ventureshield Paint Protection Film. ClearBraNJ is intimately familiar with the qualities of each type of paint protection film and can recommend which product to use depending on your particular application. Contact ClearBraNJ via our Contact Us page to discuss what we can do to protect your investment today!


When should I have Paint Protection Film applied?

Ideally, it is beneficial to have paint protection film installed as quickly as possible to prevent the possibility of any road debris causing damage to your vehicle. ClearBraNJ can assist you in having your vehicle transported from the dealership to our facility to have paint protection film installed prior to the vehicle being driven to ensure that the paint on your vehicle stays immaculate. It should also be mentioned that it is never too late to have paint protection film installed, as over time there is a continuous risk of damage being caused by ordinary vehicle use and road debris.


How long does Paint Protection Film last? Do I have to ever replace it?

Clear Bra is covered under manufacturer warranty for five (5) years (3M and VentureShield) or lifetime (PremiumShield) against yellowing and cracking. Additionally, as a certified installer, ClearBraNJ will cover the installation for up to 2 years. While the average life of the film is between five (5) and eight (8) years, it will only look as good as the clearcoat underneath it and the paint finish of the surfaces around it.


What should I do now?

Contact us TODAY, and let us help you protect your investment!

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ClearBraNJ uses industry-leading films from 3M and Premiumshield to protect any vehicle's painted surfaces from all types of road debris, and light bumps from parking. Depending on your choice of film, you will be protected with either a five (5) year or lifetime warranty.

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TheVaultNJ is our newest venture, and we are happy to provide you with peace of mind knowing your prized possession is safe from unwanted attention and weather damage while being cared for as our own in a secure, climate-controlled facility.

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ClearBraNJ and TheVaultNJ have existing relationships with dealers in the region, providing paint protection film, vinyl, and window tint installations. Now, through our strategic relationships, we are pleased to bring 12volt accessories and installations to the table for our dealers, and are looking to develop new relationships.

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ClearBraNJ is right around the corner in Red Bank, NJ, and we can be reached whenever you need us. Stop by, give us a call, or send us a quote request.

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Clear Bra NJ Contact Info:
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Office: (732) 741-1384
Ohan Cell: (732) 687-5415
Todd Cell: (732) 610-3397
Email: info@ClearBraNJ.com
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